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Muvr tracks your workout, learns from your behaviour and helps you achieve your goals

Measuring health metrics, tracking GPS and counting steps over time sit behind a broad range of fitness tracking apps and wearables for running, walking, cycling and general wellbeing. There is very little available to those who want to intuitively track their workouts and personal training in the gym.

Muvr has been built by techies who go to the gym that have been frustrated at manual, time-consuming and labour intensive workout tracking apps that don’t meaningfully measure progress. By combining an intuitive user interface with pioneering machine learning, Muvr makes tracking workouts easy and provides recommendations that motivate and inspire harder training and goal achievement.


  • Quick and straightforward to start training
  • Track different styles of workout
    • Strength (e.g. TRX, free weights, etc)
    • Cardio
    • Core
  • Smartwatch integration automates user experience
  • Record progress, get fitter and stronger
  • Easy-to-use interface requiring minimal interaction
  • Extensive library of exercises and workouts
  • In-session guidance with each exercise
  • Get workout recommendations and achieve your goals

Watch this video to learn more about Muvr

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Watch Video